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commencing boot sequence

2023-02-12 . 189 words . 1 min

Hello, world!

Boot Sequence is the set of instructions that get the computers running when we press the power button. For example in Linux, it is generally first is the BIOS starting up MBR. MBR runs GRUB which executes Kernel which executes init sequence which executes runlevel programs. I'm not sure of all the things that happen in a sequence, but that content is probably for next post. For me and this website though, as the catchy title says, this is the first set of step which hopefully is going to setup the pattern of blogging for me.

After a lot of yak-shaving, I'm setting up the blog with Zola as a SSG. Templates, styling and other changes might be added as part of upcoming updates. My bucket list for this website is huge but there are a few changes that I forsee coming:

See you around!